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Premium Covid PPE Solution

  • 2 min
  • May 21, 2020

Because of COVID-19, essential businesses, such as medical facilities, food service, grocery stores, post offices, and many others, must ensure safe person-to-person interactions. Our premium Covid Barrier Shields accomplish this by assisting both your employees and customers with safer interactions.

  • SECURE: No-tip counter-top adhered; clear 3M VHB tape (semi-permanent)
  • SAFE: Shatterproof, clear ¼ inch polycarbonate.
  • EASY: Self-install and removal.
  • CUSTOM: Any size and configuration available.

Self installed, stable and secured with a clear 3M VHB tape that can ultimately be removed to restore original state. Eliminating tip-over hazards and mechanical fasteners that permanently damage surfaces.

STANDARD SIZING: Starting at $129 EACH*

Covid Barrier standard sizing templates

* Quantity discounts available. Shipping cost extra.

Because we do our manufacturing in-house, we are able to have your Covid Barrier Shields ready for pickup or shipping within 72 hours.

*May help satisfy rapidly changing OSHA requirements related to COVID-19.

We know that this is a time of uncertainty. Indigo Signs cares about you and we are here to support you in whatever way we can. Whether you need long-term signage or quick, disposable signage to help you weather this crisis, we are here to support you. Regardless of your budget, we will do our all to find a solution that works for you. 

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