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IMAGE Core Values

At Indigo Signs, an IMAGE is more than a visible representation, a picture in your mind, or an idea of how someone or something is.  We benefit both internally and externally from our IMAGE of Indigo culture. An acronym for Integrity, Makers, Action, Growth, and Experience, IMAGE describes who we are as a company.

 Value Icon Integrity Shield


We are a company that leads by doing the right thing consistently.

 Value Icon Makers Lightbulb Puzzle


We are craftsmen who focus on custom solutions for our customers.

value icon action rocket


Our default is to get things done.

 Value Icon Growth Person Chart


We are constantly learning so we can help our customers grow.

 Value Icon Experience


We create a superior customer experience because we are a team of experienced professionals.

IMAGE Awards logo

Indigo Signs IMAGE Awards

The goal of Indigo Signs' IMAGE Core Value Awards was simple: to celebrate exceptional employees. We recognize and celebrate our successes at Indigo Signs, whether business metrics or customer-oriented wins. But our IMAGE Awards are about celebrating employees embodying the values of great teammates.

With an anonymous, peer-driven nomination process, these awards aren't just managers recognizing the same visible, vocal high-performers. You can be the quietest person in the room, but if you're a great teammate who embodies our values, your peers will acknowledge you, and you can feel empowered to acknowledge them!

We collect nominations throughout the year, and one recipient per quarter is awarded based on their performance's alignment to one of our five core values. In addition, we will honor one recipient annually for their embodiment of many or all of our Indigo Signs IMAGE Core values based on the yearly submissions.