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2022 Q1 IMAGE Awards Winner

  • 3 min
  • May 20, 2022
Tom Schommer INTEGRITY IMAGE Awards Winner posing with custom mug


The first-ever of our IMAGE Awards went to an employee nominated for the first of our core values

INTEGRITY: We are a company that leads by doing the right thing consistently.

Valuing integrity in the workplace means striving to do the right thing, even when you think no one is looking. It's making the right decision and leading in a way you would like to be led with a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, teammates, and company.

Nomination submission from a fellow Indigo Signs peer: "This person always provides superior support to the sales team and the end client. They have recently recognized the stress the sales team is experiencing due to the transition to a new ERP. This person is coaching the team and being extremely patient with them as they learn the system. They take time to make sure the info in and info out is correct and check up on the production process to ensure quality (and stress the importance of quality work.) They take pride in their work, put in excess hours, and truly care about the team and our customers. They deserve to be recognized for their dedication and commitment to Indigo Signs."

The person they were speaking of is Tom Schommer. Tom is one of our Designers in our Chanhassen, MN office and has been with Indigo Signs (and previously Sign Source) for 28 years! After receiving his award, we asked him to explain why he chooses to lead with integrity:

"Everything I do at work stems from trying to hold myself to a high level of craftsmanship, and I don't take shortcuts or kick the can down the road. A conceptual drawing done early in an order process should have the same level of quality and accuracy as a file set up for production. I'm always cognizant that a shape that I draw on my computer today could eventually be used by our laser or router next week or six months down the road. Though this applies mainly to design work, I'm sure that subconsciously, I apply it to other facets of the process to help others accurately do their jobs."

Congratulations to Tom for winning the Integrity IMAGE Award for Q1 2022!

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